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April News

Sorry we missed March Updates, it was because we have been so busy. So you don't miss any news, we have combined all the news of the past two months into one month.  Well we can sure say that Ann-Mari has settled in well. Spriggan Mist will never be calm now with Ann-Mari jumping about excited all the time and Baz being over excitable anyway.  But to be fair there is a lot to be excited about. New material being produced for the new album which is to be recorded in the summer. Spriggan Mist Lite venturing out a few times recently playing some fun covers, and lots and lots of new gigs. Our last Spriggan Mist Lite gig was at The Boot in Bracknell. This a great friendly pub, and lots of locals turned out o support us. We managed to raise £103 for our little friends charity “The little Princess Trust”. This is a special charity helping children suffering with cancer who loose their hair to get well made real hair wigs.

We were so pleased  to raise this money and we aim to put the bucket around for a further collection at our Birthday bash when we turn 5 years old in May. Where did that time fly to. Just as an aside Spriggan Mist the band was formed all due to Karen Kay, who runs most of the fantastic faery events all over the County and this year we will play at The 3 wWshes Faery Fest again, for the 5th time on the weekend 20=22nd June 2014. Hope to see you all soon.


Witchfest International 2013

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